A recording studio and video production facility in the art district of downtown Houston, TX. We have a unique facility and an experienced team that is capable of handling your complete audio and video needs. The industry is changing; its a digital world now. Think visual, streaming and social networking. We offer consultations and help to maximize marketing and get revenue streams boosted.

We offer the full suite of production services for all your audio and visual needs.  From recording your next album to shooting your next video project, we have a million dollar facility with the state-of-the-art gear and the creative team you need to go above and beyond expectations for your next project.

Our creative team

Audio Production

  • Quality in every single detail
  • Modern design and layouts
  • Fast & friendly support

In our recording studios, we offer the best in digital and analog technology. Our Pro Tools HD system features the finest in digital plug-ins for tracking/mixing and our 24 channels of Class A preamps, compressors, and EQ’s guarantee an industry standard production value.

Video Production

Our Video Production Team provide multimedia clients with everything they require. From shooting a music video to color grading a feature film, from corporate videos to creative, our team of editors, sound designers and animators can composite your green screen shoot, design your graphics and transform your videos. Whatever media you need, we can take your project from start to finish.


Our Graphic Designers specialize in taking visual ideas/concepts and creating thoughtful, recognizable and memorable brands. From CD artwork to t-shirt and logo design, our team can create anything from your next business card, to next billboard campaign.

“Studio 713 is very professional and offers the highest quality equipment and service!”


We offer consultations to maximize marketing and get revenue streams boosted.


After you’ve chosen us to do your project, we will set a schedule of tasks to be completed.


Our Production Team provide multimedia clients with everything they require.


We make sure every aspect of your project is polished up to main stream standards.


With our million dollar facility & state-of-the-art gear we go above and beyond expectations for your project.



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Why is your address different than your entrance?

The address for our studio is technically our mailing address.  Here is the location of our entrance that leads you into our paradise:

849 Richey St, Houston, TX 77002

Why don't you post your rates?

Odds are your needs and projects are very different than the next person.  YOU’RE AN ARTIST and we realize that you’re different and unique so we want to give you the most accurate rate for your project through a real conversation.  Don’t worry none of us have been re-incarnated from a car salesman, so we won’t try and steal your money but only give you the best quality for your individual budget!

Why would I want to choose you over the other guys?

Why would I want to listen to your music over someone else?

Yes we just answered your question with a question, but it’s true!  Though we have all the top-of-the-line gear and a million dollar facility, what makes us different is us.  Our fresh perspective.  Our confidence.  Our enthusiasm.  We’re positive we can exceed your needs and give you an unforgettable experience through it.

It sounds like you only cater to the music industry?

Even though music is what runs through our veins, it’s only about half of our reach.  Music in any culture has the ability to make a profound impact and transformation to the individual and the masses.  So we believe its because of our music projects that give us a creative edge and a fresh perspective for all of our projects that reach outside of the music industry.   It may even be what separates us in the Industry (rhetorical question)?